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Can i buy cialis over the Comprar cialis online opiniones counter in mexico ? anon141533 Post 9 I go to mexico pick up a bottle of mexico cialis and when i came out of the building I got on bus and came back i had to get this back from them. when I tried to call about they don't answer. anon127872 Post 8 In mexico the most usual cialis is called 'cialis buccal' and it has a yellow cap with the number '15'- which comes from the name of a city. My advice is to get the cheap generic cialis in US and make sure you can get a refill. anon101322 Post 7 I have just gone to buy cialis online before going to Mexico visit the family, and they want me to bring a prescription for the day. Can I just bring the prescription for day? i've been using this drug for eight years now and i've got a prescription to prove it, because i know it's really for a serious condition. Thanks. anon96184 Post 6 Cialis is the only legal prescription medication for men that is readily available for use in the U.K. all pharmacies. anon92719 Post 5 I live in the Netherlands. am on cialis 15mg qid per cycle. Can I take a 30mg cialis per day? anon69319 Post 4 In the U.K. (as of September 2017) there is nothing available besides the generic drug: cialis 30mg sildenafil citrate (brand: GYNAL, generically: cialis buccal) which can be taken on prescription from a pharmacist and without prescription there are pills that can be taken with water (e.g. cialis sildenafil buccal), which is the most common dose and which has been supported by research from the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics, which suggests that 20 mg per day is the best choice. anon64389 Post 3 cialis is an old product. there no more cialis. all you have to do get cialis is go to the grocery store take a pill of cialis. anon60952 Post 2 cialis 20mg is the that you should be able to buy in an American pharmacy. anon59764 Post 1 A Cialis 20 pills is the only one that can be bought outside the U.S. anon52267 Post 10 The generic version of cialis is no longer available here except in Germany. I can't get out of being a U.S. citizen to get the generic or Cialis 180 Pills 20mg $345 - $1.92 Per pill else I may end up with the most expensive cialis in world. Nowadays I would take only the 15mg tablets by myself as it is the real and only dosage that works on the male side. anon50806 Post 9 This article in USA Today is inaccurate. Cialis 15 mg with generic can be purchased in the UK, and it's called Cialis B in Ireland.

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